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>> 10 June, 2008

To all my mmsc friends, whether currently working or not, let's join the mmscians club today! The purpose is to keep in touch, get the latest stories and update news of every members (kahwin, dpt baby, break up etc).
This club is created by mmsc's former programmer, Sue.

Click here to join mmscians
Click to join mmscians
Coretan: Jadi promoter plak.

3 komentar:

suhanazainal 11:42 AM  

wah...wah...ade promotion di sini...bagus2.

windu aa kawan2 mmsc....

r_nieta 2:22 PM  

aku pun windu kwn2 mmsc kwn2 mlg kan?...ha ha

suhanazainal 3:12 PM  

mlg stands for MALANG. huhuhu....

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